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Holiday Brunch Calorie Burner – O.J.

With all the holiday meals going on, brunch is becoming a weekend ritual. Brunch is definitely not the healthiest meal of the week. With menu including stacks of pancakes, plate size omelettes and extra helpings of bacon this feast takes the place of breakfast and lunch and probably still pushes your calorie, fat, and carb intake over the edge. But if you do indulge in the occasional Sunday splurge, drinking orange juice can minimize some of the negative health effects of the big brunch.

No, OJ won’t burn through all of the excess calories you consume, but it can help ease the inflammation that often accompanies eating unhealthy foods. According to researchers at the University of Buffalo, orange juice helps reduce the number of free radicals in the blood after high-fat and carb-heavy meals, and it can also regulate insulin resistance. Of course, this isn’t an all-out free pass to eat whatever you want-but to keep the occasional binge from adversely affecting your health, a glass of OJ can help.

~Source: Jessica Cassity

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