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Passionate About Pears ~ Natural Wonders

Pears are the wonder fruit.

Who knew that pears had so much to offer?

The world’s oldest oldest cultivated plant offers a variety of health benefits and is delicious and beautiful to boot!

Calms Digestion

The pectin and fiber in pears can help stop diarrhea and the cooling tannins can calm an irritated digestive tract.

Keeps You Hydrated

Pears are a watery food and when you add in the A and C vitamins and rich mineral content, they can help rehydrate you and keep you hydrated.

Improves ADHD

Because of there high fiber content, pears can slow down the sugar excitability that often accompanies ADHD. However they should be eaten in moderation because they do contain natural sugars themselves.

Helps Lower Cholesterol

Pears are high in pectin (higher than apples) which reduces cholesterol levels by bonding with dietary fat and cholesterol and removing them from the body through the intestine before they are absorbed through the bloodstream.

Boosts Immune System

Pears contain a good amount of vitamins A, K, C, B2, B3, B6 and minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper so eating them is great for your immune system.

Hypoallergenic Fruit

Pears are a hypoallergenic fruit. So if you have issues with food sensitivities, you usually can eat pears with no adverse side effects. This also makes them a great fruit to introduce to infants.

Prevents Cancer

The hydroxycinnamic acid found in pears has been associated with preventing stomach and lung cancer.

Fights Alzheimer’s

The antioxidant quercetin found in the skin has been shown by a recent study at Cornell University to protect against Alzheimer’s disease. So don’t’ peel your pears!

Prevents Osteoporosis

Pears contain boron which our bodies need so we can retain calcium so they have been linked to osteoporosis prevention.

Source: MedClient

Scientific Food Studies for OMG Health

We hear all the time of foods helping us better our health and building our immune system but having a scientific study to prove this is correct makes it even better. Here are a couple of studies done on various foods that will boost you health to an OMG status of 100% Enjoy the holiday with a smile and a winter wellness attitude.

~41% is how much your risk for a stoke is lowered if you regularly use olive oil in cooking and dressings as compared with people who never use olive oil according to a new study published in  Neurology.

~Coconut oil’s lauic acid may ward off illness by boosting your immune system. Preliminary research suggest it could cut your cholesterol levels. Chrissy Barth, R.D., a dietitian in Scottsdale, Ariz.

~Freeze dried foods aren’t just for astronauts anymore-they’re a healthy way to increase your fruit consumption. Unlike traditional drying methods which can involve exposure to nutrients and antioxidant damaging heat, freeze drying involves getting produce at peak ripeness and then removing its moisture and oxygen in a low-temperature vacuum chamber. The end result: light and crispy morsels of goodness with nutrients intact.  Research by Matthew Kadely M. Sc., RD

~New research from the Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle found a link between diet and Alzheimer’s disease risk. For four weeks, elderly test subjects dined on high saturated fat and high glycemic index foods or low saturated fat and low glycemic index foods. Eating the former foods increased levels of a protein often found in brains afflicted by Alzheimer’s but the latter were linked to lower levels of the protein, plus reduced brain inflammation and better problem solving abilities.

~Good news for nut lovers: Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that pistachios have 5.9% fewer calories than previously thought. Studies also indicate that people who eat in-shell pistachios consume 41% fewer calories than those who buy them shelled.

~A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D may help decrease your risk of developing premenstrual syndrome research shows. Women who drank the equivalent of about four servings of low-fat milk per day decreased their PMS symptoms by up to 46%. Fortified orange juice and yogurt were also shown to decrease risks.

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