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Candice Frederick, founder and CEO of OhMyGosh Alternative Medicine and Aromatherapy, has had a vision of spreading natural medicine knowledge across the country for many years. From high school, Candice knew that science was her passion and upon graduation, she interned with 3M. During her time with 3M, she was introduced to the medical field in the most influential way, which forever changed her future and career path. To insure industry excellence, Candice began her Master’s program at New York Polytechnic University in 2004 for Biomedical Engineering.

Prominent industry influencer Dr. Oz, as well as natural science breakthroughs, discoveries leading to positive health recovery and new eco-friendly approaches towards everyday wellness, beauty, fitness and health all have inspired Candice and the OhMyGosh brand initiative. At OhMyGosh, Candice and her team provide complementary techniques aiming towards reestablishing the overall balance capabilities of the human body. OhMyGosh provides guests with basic pampering essentials as well as meditation and wellness programs for a well-rounded treatment. Candice believes that treatment should not just cover up symptoms but should concentrate on the origin of the problem, an immunity imbalance.

Currently, Candice is an active resident of Miami, Florida where she is involved with the city’s Chamber of Commerce and the Youth Profession Network. Candice is also in the process of developing a Scientific City Group for all Florida scientists and engineers. In the future, Candice and OhMyGosh will host launch parties to share natural medicine knowledge throughout New York City, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia and California.

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