OMG Moment


            Anticipating on the element of surprise and wanting to be engulfed in the experience of eternity then you are cordially invited to the most tantalizing environment of volatile expansion.  From the personalized glass beaker capsules equipped with preprogrammed MP3 music of your choice to invigorating banana leaf wraps that will leave your body feeling like it went on its own first class trip to the tropics.  All this and more can be extended to your pleasure at the spa and salon, Oh My Gosh. Based on a chemistry laboratory atmosphere with a touch of aromatics, this haven is guaranteed to approve of your satisfaction.  This spa not only provides its guest with the basic pampering essentials but also entails meditation and wellness programs for those who want to embark on more than just their outside temple.  All of the ingredients for the products used at this establishment are developed by the owner, Candice N. Frederick (Chemical/Biomedical Engineer) – no outside contributors – and centered on the natural extracts of fruits and plants to promote high levels of antioxidants and vitamins.

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