Tired + Bored = Stronger Lungs?

If you get side stitches when you work out, your breathing muscles may not be as in shape as the rest of you body. Exercise can help to train the respiratory muscles over time, but you can also increase breath control without working up a sweat, says Thomas Vanhecke, MD, a cardiologist at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

“Although sighs are often regarded as a sign of boredom or tiredness, they also offer a significant benefit for respiratory mechanics,” says Vanhecke. A sigh is defined as a breath three times larger than a normal breath. You probably already sigh ten to twelve times an hour, but increasing this amount may help strengthen your breath. If you’d rather have an official routine, follow a guided meditation that emphasizes sigh-like deep breathing. Or, simply focus on taking long and controlled inhales and exhales. Start by breathing in for a count of four and out for a count of four, moving up to six then and eight  and so on.

Source: Dr.Vanhecke

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