Start Off Your New Year Rye

EATING RYE TOAST FOR BREAKFAST may be the easiest way to stop afternoon snacking. New research from Sweden reveals that rye bread helps increase feelings of fullness for up to eight hours. In the study, which was  co-authored by Hanna Isaksson, a PhD candidate at the Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences, subjects were fed a breakfast of either rye toast or wheat toast with margarine and apricot marmalade. When satiety, hunger and desire to eat were measured later int he morning, and hours later in the afternoon, eaters of the rye bread reported feeling less hungry and less interested in eating.

“The fact that satiety remained high even after a standardized lunch indicates that there are physiological effects that prolong digestion,” says Isaksson. The high fiber content in rye bread is thought to be the key factor to this prolonged feeling of fullness, but Isaksson thinks that psychology may play into the results, too; she says that people expect dark breads to keep them full for longer than light-colored ones.

Source: Hanna Isaksson

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  1. I love rye bread. Think I’ll go have a piece now.

    Pamela –


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