Weigh in Smart – Man vs Machine

YOU SWEAT IT OUT REGULARLY at the gym, so what gives when the cardio machine shows that you’re burning a ton of calories, but the scale isn’t in agreement? If you’re not losing weight despite burning major calories on a cardio machine, the equipment you’re using may be at fault according to Dr. Olson, a professor of exercise science at Auburn University at Montgomery.

“Unfortunately, the calorie count mechanisms in treadmills and elliptical machines are often off by 20 to 30%. So, if the readout says that you’ve cranked out 260 calories worth of exercise, a more accurate estimate could be 200 calories burned.”

To even things, out I recommend doing 30% more than your target – so if your goal is to burn off 300 calories., aim to exercise off 390. Even if your machine’s calorie reading isn’t that far off, increasing your workout time or effort should be enough to bump up your weight-loss results.

Source: Michele Olson, PhD

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