Vacation OMG Status~ Climate Control

Vacation time is full of fun, great memories and downtime. But sometimes it can be a setback. With limited amount of space in your suitcase and high calorie foods you would love to try staying on you natural lifestyle plan. OMG has a couple of pointers for you no matter if you want to ski the alps or suntan in the islands. Checkout the OMG Vacation Stability Plan.

Dry conditions: Hot weather dehydrates the epidermis causing dry patches and itchy skin. Air conditioning exacerbates the problem.

OMG MOMENTS:  DO NOT USE oil in water emulsions, alcohol based toners and harsh soaps

OMGtastic: Colloidal oatmeal scrub for exfoliation and soothing properties. Carrot seed extract beneficial in healing and nourishing impaired skin tissue.

OMG PRODUCTS: Cell Repair Oatmeal Masque; Helpful Hand Cream

Tropics: This type of vacation involves a lot of outdoors activities resulting in free radical damage and sunburn. Humidity is very common around these temperate climates so acne can be a major issue.

OMG MOMENTS: DO NOT USE makeup remover, cream-based products are too dense and may increase sebum production.

OMGtastic: Glycerin moisturizers (humectant) draws water out of the air to assist in improving skin health. Always use natural sunscreen to avoid free radical damage.

OMG Products: OMGvsUV Lotion ; Blemishing Balancing Gel

Sky High:Dry, cold climates deprive oxygen to your skin cells which can cause rosacea, broken capillaries and uneven texture.

OMG MOMENTS: DO NOT USE highly perfumed products and high temperature baths and showers;this can lead to damage and aggravated skin

OMGtastic: Heavier moisturizer or almond oil on wet skin after a shower for extra moisturizing

OMG Products: OMGx3= Nightcream; Hip to the Game Oil

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