Holidays Times are Here…Good Food and OMG…Flu Season – WE GOT YOU COVERED

With flu season coming on in full swing and the holiday season still highly in affect, eating healthily is all the important.   Each year, as the fall rolls around, people begin bracing for the flu season.  According to the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, up to 20% of the American population gets the flu every year. This results in approximately 200,000 people being hospitalized because of flu-like complications, and around 36,000 people dying from flu-related causes each year. While it is important to eat healthfully all year, it is especially so during the flu season. Many people do not realize they can help prevent illnesses by boosting their immune system. In fact, the American Dietetic Association reports that, while the flu is a viral illness, you can help avoid it by eating healthfully. Specifically, they recommend eating plenty of fruits and vegetables each day, because those foods contain phytonutrients, which can help boost the immune system. When striving to boost your immune system to help resist the flu, keep the following flu-fighting foods in mind:

Yogurt—Probiotics contain live, active cultures. These healthy bacteria help keep your intestinal track free of germs.

Mushrooms—These help to increase the activity level of white blood cells, which helps to keep you healthier.

Garlic—Helping fight bacteria and infection because of the allicin it contains, garlic is a powerful and protective compound.

 Red bell peppers—These veggies help boost your immune system because they contain phytochemicals, vitamin C and beta carotene.

Broccoli—It contains powerful antioxidants that help keep the body healthy.

Tea—It has polyphenols and antioxidants that help provide protection.

Turmeric—This powerful spice is a polyphenol that helps maintain health.

Beef—It contains zinc, which helps boost the immune system. Zinc can also be found in fortified breakfast cereals, crab, chickpeas, and cashews.

Sweet potatoes—These contain vitamin A, which helps to regulate the immune system and fight off infection. Vitamin A can also be found in carrots, spinach, kale, and cantaloupe.

Brazil nuts—These nuts contain an abundance of selenium, which plays a role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Other sources of selenium include noodles, oatmeal, and walnuts. 

OMG is here to inform you about this illness because the  flu is in the news daily, and we can use all the help we can muster to try and avoid it. Start with what you eat at each meal. These foods mentioned about are not only tasty treats for the holidays but also help protect you from this years high scare of new strands discovers involving the flu virus. 

Unfortunately certain illnesses may cause internal dehydration and ultimately affect the epidermis.  Many cold and flu remedies that dry up mucous have their side-effects on the skin’s surface. This happens because the horny layer provides the clue to surface dehydration. Since one of the major functions of the skin is to provide a barrier against moisture infiltration, and because hydrophobic fats in the horny layer constitute this barrier, wetting the epidermis does not allow moisture into the skin. The horny layer, then, prevents transfer in both directions.

To further assist you in not only feeling good but looking good here are a few pointers to keep your skin OMG sexxy:)

A)Oil-in-water (o/w) emulsions with a high water content: tend to evaporate easily and may accelerate dehydration by drying the epidermal surface. These products are generally sold over the counter in drugstores and department stores and should not be recommended if dehydration is evident.

B) Oil-in-water emulsions containing natural moisturizing factors (NMF): such as amino acids, glucose or electrolytes, are better as they help to retain moisture on the skin’s surface. They are insufficient, however, if used under harsh climatic conditions (hot or cold dry winds, for example).

C) Protective creams with a high lipid content: are the true protectives. They are chemically similar to the skin’s own surface film and only small quantities need to be patted on (not massaged in). Inferior creams must be avoided, though, because their low quality raw materials may be comedogenic and cause harm, particularly on oily skin.

D) Humectants containing glycerin or sorbitol: may be adequate in many instances. Caution must be exercised because they attract moisture indiscriminately and under certain conditions may draw water from lower skin layers. They should not be used by individuals already suffering from dehydration, or living in a dry climate.


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