Genetics…More than Just your DNA…its the Health & Beauty Blueprint

Who would have known that the more organic and technically advanced this world becomes the more blind-sited we as consumers correlate to various life depending industries. Recently this week I watched a documentary on genetic food engineering and I almost hit the ceiling. I know you have heard of the old saying “you are what you eat” and this case that is very frightening. Genetic food engineering is a scientific way to assist foods and plants in adapting to unnatural environments as well as developing an autoimmunity to pests . Scienfic definition: Genetic engineering involves altering the genetic structure of embryonic cells or vectors to provide them with desired traits or to eliminate undesirable traits. Through to my extensive research on numerous fruits and veggies I am have found out that food undergo with process to prolong its selflife as well as endure a more extensive nutritious background.  For example some tomatoes are created with certain genes from deep sea fish to withstand the cold environment to be produce year your.  I feel like the best way to consume your daily health consumption is to eat food in its MOST natural state – by changing its genetic compounds whether good or bad makes this particular food  seem like it is  not excepted for its TRUE PURPOSE in Mother Nature. So when we see organic and natural  on produce still be aware what was used to make it hold this title and additives utilized to allow them stand out from the rest – make sure to look for the Soil Association label.

Sadly to say even the farmer’s market has been interruppted by genetic engineering not purposely but by cross contamination.  Mostly used for pesticide reasons anticipated genetic compounds are altered to allow the plants to produce there own insect repellent. Great idea but if it not healthy for insects would it have the same affects on some of its consumers?  Also anything used in abundance eventually causes an immune reaction where soon the insects will not be affected by this procedure.  Utilizing genetic food engineering in the farm industry can not be well regulated because of natural occcurances such as wind and rain that is beyond anyones control.  In case farmers who may have not allowed this in their area can still be affected if the genetic chemical changes are nearby. With this in mind the animals could also be genetically changed by eating the from the soil and plants undergoing this evolution. Is our nutritional values going down the drain by using what our #1 foundational BLUEPRINT is …your GENETIC DNA??

Great looking skin comes with wonderful nutrition and if this process continues to take place 

  • Could it make you more acceptable to sun damage
  • Aging and cell turnover elavation
  • Cause more acne breakouts or allergies
  • Increase in severe skin disorders that could lead to cancer

Perfect skin starts off with the ABC’s of the major vitamins we need in our lives to continue to practice ultimate wellness

Vitamin A – highly support in self immunity, increasing the healing process of acne and dry skin, main contributor to the growth/repair of our skin tissue and mucus membranes.

Vitamin B – aides in cell rejuvenation, and assist in maintain normalized metabolism levels to prevent premature ageing

Vitamin C – #1 repellent against environmental stress, aids collagen production in connective tissue and helps broken capillaries to become stronger

Many other vitamins are also beneficial to our skin’s appearance but this is just to name  a few. Out of just these three essential vitamins foods such as sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes and citrus fruits are genetically composed of these powerhouse groups.  Unfortunately these are some of the main foods used for genetic food engineering.  Your skin is continuously receiving and transmitting information to the rest of your body not only by outside contact but nutritional digestion. How can we resume outstanding skin if the food we use to keep it healthy is genetically CHANGING OUR BLUEPRINT??  All these questions in the blog will be analyzed and answers soon by our research team at OH MY GOSH so don’t feel like this dilemma is not a lose/lose situation. Also to help out your community look more into what you eat ask questions and see what your nutritional diet consist of.

Glad everyone had tuned into my new blog …hope to see you back soon for the next one about your favorite Celeb’s Skin Analysis…if you have anyone in mind you want me to do an analysis on leave a comment below. HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE…and remember “Focus on the journey towards profound wellness not only through enhancing your outward appearance but also by altering your human internal immunity imbalance.”

– Candice N. Frederick – Founder /CEO of OHMYGOSH Alternative Medicine and Aromatherapy Spa/Salon

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  1. Posted by Candice N. Frederick on August 12, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    I do apologize for the typo in the first paragraph. This is my first blog and I should have given you my best work. The purpose of my blog to inform you about very important information and I want you to be able to understand every word. Again sorry for the grammer typo and it wil never happen again. Thanks to a good friend bringing this to my attention – you know who you are:)


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